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Billings Farm News

Ohio State Fair Results for Billings Farm

Billings Farm heifers had an impressive showing at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus, Ohio, on August 10, 2015. All six heifers that competed placed in the top ten of their categories. Billings Farm also received the Herdsman Award & Best Display.

Category Place Name
Winter Yearling 1st Parkview Master Kiwi
Fall Calf 5th Billings Incentive BFF-ET
Summer Yearling 5th Billings Impression Barbie
Winter Calf 7th Billings Impression Silk
Spring Calf 7th Billings Verbatim Spice-ET
Spring Yearling 9th Billings Getaway Cybil

Parkview Master Kiwi

Latest Classification Results from Billings Farm

On December 4th, 2014 Billings Farm classified 16 animals with the American Jersey Cattle Association. Highlights include five new very good two year olds, two new excellent, and the balance all moved up in score including Billings Bold Savanah now scored Ex 93. Savanah was just a few days fresh on classification day beginning her 11th lactation at the age of twelve!!! This brings the herd to a total of 23 Excellents , 14 VG, 3 N/C.

Billings Nevada Fiona VG 81
Billings Tequila McKenna VG 84
Billings Impression Mistique VG 85
Billings Reagan's Blessing VG 85
S&O Giller Ritz Bitz VG 86
Enniskillen Olympian JW Natalie VG 86
Budjon-Vail Governor Shelby Lynn VG 87
Maker Glasgow Foxy VG 88
Avonlea Made Me Go GaGa VG 88
Secret Oakes Deacon Cyclone-P Ex 90
Budjon-Vail Vincent Delicate Ex 90
Billings Excitation Status Ex 91
Billings Minister Breigh Ex 91
Maple Ridge G Prix Jasmine Ex 92
Billings Country Starburst Ex 92
Billings Bold Savannah Ex 93

Highlights from our March 2014 Classification

We had a very short but successful classification day on March 10, as we had recently done a special the end of January.

Two New VG Two year olds:
Billings Nevada Beckie VG 86
Elliotts Comerica Satin VG 87, a daughter of the famous Milo Vindication Season Ex 94

Other Highlights:
Billings Country Starburst, Now Ex 91
Billings Furor Calista, Now Ex 93

Latest Classification Results from Billings Farm

On January 30, 2014, Billings Farm had a visit from the Classifier leaving five new excellents!!!!

New Excellents
Maple Ridge G Prix Jasmine Ex 91 (Max. score)
Billings Deacon Hope Ex 90
Billings Coalition Reece Ex 90
Billings Minister Marni Ex 90 (Minister from Legion Mini Me Ex 95)
Ratliff Action Kennedy Ex 90
Billings Chairman Dorothy was raised to Ex 92

Very Good Two Year Olds
Billings Vincent Breck VG 87
Budjon Vail Vincent Delicate VG 86
Huronia Reagan Cheryl VG 86
Billings Tequila McKenna VG 82
Billings Deacon Maci raised to VG 87
Billings Minister Martina raised to VG 88

Billings Farm Classification Results from January 2013

All eight two year olds go Very Good:

Ratliff Action Kennedy 87 – a granddaughter of Avonlea D Jude Karmel Ex 93
Billing Minister Martina 87 – a sister to Billings Legion Mini Me Ex 95
Billings Deacon Hope 86 – her dam bumped up to Ex 92 at ten years of age (SHF Flash Honorary)
Billings Minister Caroline 86 – daughter of All American nominated Five Year old Billings Furor Calista Ex 92
Billings Minister Marni 85 – a daughter of Billings Legion Mini Me Ex 95
Billings Deacon Macie 85
Billings Whistler Rowan 84
Hy Capacity Miner Evelyn 83 - by Billings Jade Miner (Jade son of Mini Me)

Three New Excellents:

Billings Jamaica Britt Ex 91 –max score
Billings Country Starburst Ex 90 – a granddaughter of the Canadian Cow of the Year Ren Sofie
Garhaven I Dream of the Splash Ex 90

Other Highlights:

Billings Sultan Bryce goes Ex 94 – Max score
Billings Furor Calista raised to Ex 92 – nominated All American Five Year old 2012
Billings Furor Saphire raised to Ex 93
Billings Berretta Dart raised to Ex 91
SHF Flash Honorary raised to Ex 92 – her “Impression” October calf headed to the Mass. Blue Ribbon Calf Sale
Billings Vindication Mallory raised to Ex 92

All-Breed Access All American Nominations Announced

November 29, 2012 - Today, Billings Farm received word that four of our Jerseys have been nominated All American in their respective classes – a record number for the farm.

Billings Legion Mini Me Ex 95 - 100,000 pound class

Billings Furor Calista Ex 91 – Five Year old class

RJF Jamaica Rockstar Ex 93 – Five Year old class (now owned by RJ Farms, Corbyville, Ontario)

Hy-Capacity Miner Evelyn – Fall yearling (sired by Billing Jade Miner, a Jade son from Mini Me)

Rockstar Heads North

November 2012 - After an impressive run in the 2012 show season -- finishing 2nd at the International Jersey Show in Madison, Wisconsin and 4th at the All-American Jersey Show in Louisville -- Billings Farm would like to announce the sale of RJF Jamaica Rockstar Ex93 back to RJ Farms of Corbyville, Ontario. It has been a privilege and honor to have a role developing such an amazing cow, but perhaps the ultimate compliment is when a breeder buys one of their own back. We would like to thank the Jarrell Family and wish them much success with Rockstar in the years to come. We will continue to be a part of the Rockstar story as we develop several of her offspring here in the United States.

Billings Barber Sasha Places 10th in Nation for Total Milk Production

April 2012 - Just 10 days after Billings Barber Sasha turned 15 years of age, and still producing milk daily, the American Jersey Association Living Lifetime Production Contest announced awards for her production achievements. Sasha is the only cow in New England to place in any of the three categories.

Sasha finished 10th in the nation for Total Milk Production with 218,809 lbs. of milk, moving up five spots from last year. She placed 11th nationally for Total Fat, with 10,220 lbs.; and 15th for Total Protein, with 7,514 lbs. Sasha was the only cow in New England to place in any of the three categories.

These milestones are a true testament to the breeding philosophy at Billings, where type and longevity are critical components of a balanced breeding program. As a reference point, Sasha's production would equate to 21,880 pounds of cheese.

To date, Sasha has produced 14 live offspring. Currently, one calls Billings home – Billing Action Sassy, who just calved for the first time. We are hopeful that Sasha passed on her longevity genes to Sassy, and we'll be making a similar announcement 15 years from now!

First IVF Procedure at Billings

Although embryo transfers are part of our on-going genetic program at the Billings Farm, February 2012 marks the first time we have done so using In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Previously, IVF required the donor cow to travel to a reproduction center in either Maryland or Iowa and remain for up to several months to complete the process of donating eggs to be fertilized outside the cow, then implanted in recipients. With the recent opening of Trans Ova's satellite facilities in New York, this has all changed.

RJF Jamaica Rockstar is Billings Farm's first candidate for this procedure. The advantage over traditional on-the-farm embryo transfers is that Rockstar, currently pregnant, can still donate eggs to be fertilized outside of her uterus, then implanted in recipients. Traditional ET requires that the donor cow carry the fertilized eggs for seven days before the transfer, which a pregnant cow cannot do. IVF also allows for the use of sorted semen, so either heifers or bulls can be selected. If all goes well, Rockstar will have heifers born in December from her first round of IVF.

Potential 16th Generation Excellent Born at Billings

On March 1st we celebrated the first signs of spring – and the birth of Billings Governor Danika, a potential 16th generation excellent Jersey. Danika's dam: Billings Chairman Dazzle Ex 91 traces back to the famous Norval Acres “D” family that boasts the longest running generational-excellent Jersey lineage in North America. Billings Farm is still home to Dazzle as well as Danika's granddam, Billings Berretta Dart Ex 90, in addition to several other “D” family members.